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Steel Tattoos

Ink your story, wear it proudly...

Welcome to our tattoo studio, where art comes alive on your skin.  With over five years experience in the industry, our skilled tattoo artist brings a world of creativity and passion to each design.  Allow us to showcase our expertise in various tattoo styles, including realism, blackwork, and minimalism.

In the realm of realism, we strive to capture the essence of life in the intricate detail.  Whether it's a portrait of a loved one, a majestic animal, or a breathtaking landscape, our artist masterfully brings these images to life on your skin.  Each stroke and shading is carefully crafted to create a vibrant and lifelike representation that will stand the test of time.  

For those seeking bold and striking designs, our blackwork tattoos are sure to make a statement.  Drawing inspiration from ancient tribal patterns and modern aesthetics, we create powerful and visually impactful tattoos that emphasize the interplay between light and dark.  Our skilled artist employs a meticulous approach to ensure every line and shape is executed with precision, resulting in a stunning blackwork pieces that evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. 


If you prefer a more minimalist approach, our artist excels in capturing the beauty of simplicity.  With clean lines, precise geometry, and a focus on negative space, our minimalistic tattoos convey elegance and sophistication.  From delicate symbols and meaningful quotes to subtle imagery, each design is carefully curated to convey your unique personality and style in the most understated yet impactful way. 


My name is Ali

Ali is a incredibly talented tattoo artist and certified artist who has over 5 years experience.  Worked in Iran as a artist for 4 years at a tattoo parlor. His ultimate passion in tattooing is realistic designs.  Currently joined Steelo's Studio & Spa team and has been a great addition to the team.  Ali takes pride in the ability to translate your ideas and vision into stunning, personalized designs.  Contact Ali at 519-573-7096 or view Ali's instagram page.  Press link to book your next tattoo appointment.

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